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Chapter Staff Making It Happen

Posted on Aug 01, 2007 by John M Grau

NECA has the best chapter staff executives of any other association I know. That’s my opinion after participating in the annual Midwest Region Chapter Executives meeting last week in Wisconsin.

Chapter and national staff from the Midwest dug into subjects ranging from strategic planning retreats for chapter boards and understanding market share statistics, to encouraging future leaders’ participation, labor relations training, and the development of substance abuse programs. I updated the group on national issues and Board of Governors proposals. Midwest Regional Executive Director Drew Gibson reported on area concerns. There was also ample time for open discussion and sharing ideas.

Each of NECA’s four regions holds similar gatherings each year. Together, we also hold the annual Association Executives Institute for both national and chapter staff. These are serious meetings with meaty subjects. There are a number of other regular opportunities for chapter staff to attend education programs designed to increase their knowledge and effectiveness in serving their local NECA members. And most staff actively participate.

There are a lot of reasons why NECA is a great organization, and the expertise and dedication of our local and national staff is one of them. When I get together with my peers at meetings like the one last week, I’m always refreshed and encouraged. It reinforces my belief that together we have the ability to handle any challenge that comes our way.

On a side note, I was able to stop by Mader’s, my favorite Milwaukee German restaurant, for lunch on the way back to the airport. They have the best wurst platter of any other German restaurant I know.

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