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Meet Geary Higgins

Posted on Jul 06, 2007 by John M Grau

Most local leaders of NECA know Geary Higgins. He’s been the top labor relations staff executive at NECA for over 20 years. So at a trade association where labor relations services are the top priority, Geary is a pretty important person.

Geary Higgins, NECA Vice President of Labor Relations
Geary Higgins, NECA Vice President of Labor Relations

Geary is a tenacious advocate on behalf of management issues. Ask anyone from NECA (or the IBEW, for that matter) who serves or has served on the CIR where Geary plays a key role. They’ll tell you how tough he is. One advantage of his years and scope of service is that he developed and helped author much of the standard language found in NECA-IBEW labor agreements – which means that when that language needs to be interpreted or explained, Geary has the most knowledge in the room.

As part of our new communications outreach efforts at NECA, we’d like to share more of Geary’s expertise with our members. Starting this week, Geary will be regularly posting a column called “Between the Lines” on the NECA website. He’ll focus exclusively on labor relations topics so readers can learn more about the hows and whys of standard clauses and agreements, as well as some of the background info on current issues. Like my blog, “Between the Lines” will have a place for readers to leave feedback and suggestions on labor relations.

You may not know that Geary was named for his grandfather, Paul Geary, who served as NECA’s chief staff officer from 1946-1964, and that his father, Bob Higgins, was NECA Executive Vice President from 1965-1986.

Geary is somewhat of an expert on Civil War military history, something he picked up when he attended college at The Citadel in South Carolina. Today, he lives with his wife Gail in a restored 18th century home in rural Virginia, which he carefully maintains and restores in his spare time. Geary and Gail are proud parents of three lovely, grown daughters. (A few years ago when the girls were still at home, Geary bought a male dog so he could have someone of the same gender in the house that he could relate to.)

And if he isn’t busy enough, Geary is running for office as County Supervisor in Loudon County, Virginia, one of the fastest growing counties in the country. The election will be this fall.

All this is to say that you should check out Geary’s column at Between the Lines on a regular basis and get to know him – and NECA labor relations – a little bit better.

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