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Committee Rosters

NECA currently has seven standing committees, and four task forces

District vice presidents are designated by the national president to chair NECA's standing committees.*

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of 12 member officers elected by the Board of Governors.
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Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is concerned with federal legislative actions and regulatory policies affecting the opportunity and ability of electrical contractors to operate efficiently, profitably and in the best interest of their customers.
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Management Development Committee

The Management Development Committee oversees NECA’s educational activities, which provides a professional development curriculum, training and publications.

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Codes & Standards Committee

National Electrical Code The NECA Codes and Standards Committee is involved with development, administration, and enforcement of installation codes, safety standards, product standards, and other related industry regulations.
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Council on Industrial Relations

The CIR is a joint committee made up of NECA contractors and IBEW representatives to arbitrate disputes between management and labor in the electrical construction industry.
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Workforce Development Committee

The Workforce Development Committee is concerned with maintaining and expanding skill as the cornerstone of this specialty contracting industry.
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National Employees Benefit Board

A pioneering step in an industry of intermittent and transitory employment patterns, the Employees Benefit Agreement set a national uniform pattern for the industry.
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Business Development Task Force

NECA developed the Business Development Task Force in 2011 as a response to the evolving electrical construction industry.
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Safety Task Force

The NECA Safety Task Force was developed in 2013, with the purpose of developing the NECA Safety Professionals Annual Conference, and creation of new products and features for the Safety and Health field. 
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Value of Membership Task Force

The Value of Membership Task Force was developed in 2015.
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Energy Solutions Task Force

The NECA Energy Solutions Task Force was sunset in 2013. 
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Marketing Committee

The marketing committee was sunset in 2012. 
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***Standing committees have been set up in accordance with the association’s Bylaws to guide and promote NECA’s participation in government affairs, marketing, management development, codes and standards, and manpower development. Standing committees also include the Council on Industrial Relations (an arbitration body which is operated jointly with the IBEW) and the National Employees Benefit Board. Special non-permanent committees and task forces may also be convened by NECA’s president. 
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