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What are RSS feeds?

Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary feeds are free feeds that contain the headlines and summaries of stories appearing on a Web site and link back to the full article on the site. The feeds are delivered to your desktop through an RSS reader. This is a fast way to find out what’s new on a Web site without having to check the actual site.

What do I need?

You need to have an existing RSS reader or download one. There are a lot of RSS readers, and many are free. [Google Reader; RSS Outlook Reader; NewsGator RSS Reader]. Newer versions of Web browsers like Firefox also have RSS feed features built directly into the browser. By subscribing to RSS feeds, you’ll be automatically updated to new content when you open your RSS reader. Click on the headline in your reader, and you’ll go directly to the full item. Or just scan the summaries that appear in your RSS reader! No more searching the entire site for an article! More information about RSS can be found on CNET.

I have a Reader!

Click on any of the above links to subscribe to a NECA feed.

Now, when you open your RSS reader you have all the top NECA headlines at the tips of your fingers. Find a headline and click on it, it will send you directly to the site where the headline originated. Here you can continue reading the selected article without having to log on and search for it.

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