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Top Three 10/6/17

Oct 05, 2017

1. This week, the House of Representatives and Senate took the first steps towards enacting comprehensive tax reform by pushing forward with their respective budget resolutions. The House, on October 5, considered the FY18 Budget Resolution, H. Con. Res. 71 which includes reconciliation instructions. Congressional leaders decided they must pass a budget resolution to allow for the possibility of tax reform to happen.
NECA's Look Ahead

2. A victory for NECA contractors, the U.S. Treasury Department has formally recommended withdrawing the Section 2704 regulations on family business valuation. The Treasury's final report was issued in accordance with President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13789. These regulations would have increased the death tax burden on family businesses.
NECA's Look Ahead

3. Earlier this week, a collection of Senators and Congressmen from Vermont and West Virginia presented this Congress’ first attempt at tackling this country’s pension challenges. This particular group presented the American Miners Pension Act, a proposal to address the unfunded liabilities through a series of structured loans paid back to the government at a low interest rate.
NECA's Look Ahead