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Oregon-Columbia Chapter NECA Announces Donation to Local Charity and Scholarship Fund

Aug 19, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. – This month, the Oregon-Columbia Chapter of National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) donated $10,000 to the Salvation Army’s Operation Santa Claus, $10,000 to the Oregon State University (OSU) Construction Engineering Management program, and $8,000 (at $2,000 per year) to Anna Zentner for her schooling. 

Operation Santa Claus is a program facilitated by KPAM-AM and assists local families coping with a loss of income due to military deployment. One hundred percent of the proceeds raised go to local military and veteran families in need in Portland and Southwest Washington. NECA raised $10,000 to donate through their annual golf tournament.

“We pick a different charity every year to support, and we’re proud to donate to Operation Santa Claus this year,” said Tim Gauthier, Oregon-Columbia NECA Executive Manager. “We’re happy to help those who have given up so much to defend our country.”

Also this month, NECA donated an additional $10,000 to Oregon State University’s Construction Engineering Management program. This is NECA’s 10th year in presenting $10,000 to OSU in support of the construction program, which has resulted in numerous internships with NECA members, as well as full employment after graduation.

NECA also announced Anna Zentner from Oregon City High School, as the winner of its annual chapter scholarship for children of NECA members, awarding her $2,000 a year towards college tuition.  Anna, who wants to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, plans to attend a community college for two years through the OSU dual enrollment program and complete her degree at OSU after that. NECA supports four students every year under this scholarship.

NECA also contribute $1,000 scholarships to worthy OSU interns with NECA contractors.

“It’s important to NECA to fund these scholarships to help the next generation succeed and achieve their academic potential, whether they choose to be electricians or not,” said Gauthier.

OCdonation1(Left to right) Mark Walter NECA Board President,  Laura Zentner, Anna Zentner (Scholarship recipient) and Gregory Zentner

OCDonate2(Left to right) Mark Walter NECA Board President, Kim  Pattina (Salvation Army) and Jeanne Winter (KPAM)

OCDonate3(Left to right) Mark Walter NECA Board President, Kim Kano (OSU), Joe Fradella (OSU), Lauren Farmen (OSU) and Tim Gauthier, NECA Chapter Executive Manger