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ELECTRI Releases Customers and the Smart Grid - Preparing for the Future (F3404)

Nov 12, 2014

ELECTRI International has released its commissioned research report on Customer Side Smart Grid Installations – Preparing for the Future. The investigation examined how implementation of the smart grid as a two-way process between customers and bulk generators is changing the nature of the electrical distribution system in the United States. 

The investigation was conducted under the auspices of California Polytechnic State University by lead investigators Dr. Thomas Korman, P.E., and Lonny Simonian, P.E. Their work focused on ways that electrical contractors can expand residential, commercial and industrial project opportunities for both retrofits and new construction by implementing smart grid technologies on the customer side.

The Cal Poly team’s research methodology included interviews with manufacturers, construction site visits and a review of smart grid published literature. Investigators then analyzed existing and future smart grid technologies, evaluated business opportunities for the EC industry, and began the process of developing a framework for a certificate program that will be designed to demonstrate technical competence for electrical contractors.

The researchers concluded that the number of customer side smart grid installations will continue to grow in future years. Electrical contractors will need to be well-informed about both the technologies and financing options, including utilizing the NECA Energy Conservation and Performance Platform (ECAP) and partnerships with electrical distributors.

Free Webinar

f3404-webinar-iconA webinar will be held on Monday, December 8, 2014 at 2:00 PM ET to discuss the findings of the report and how customer side smart grid installations will impact the Electrical Contracting Industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from the lead investigators, Dr. Thomas Korman, P.E. and Lonny Simonian, P.E, of California Polytechnic State University.

There is no cost to attend, though registration is required for this event. 

Attendees will utilize audio broadcasting services through their computer speakers, a toll free number will be provided for those unable to utilize this service.

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F3404 CoverThe complete report, Customer Side Smart Grid Installations – Preparing for the Future is available in digital and printed formats and can be purchased in the NECA store. NECA members can download a PDF version of this report for free.

About ELECTRI International

For additional information about ELECTRI International, visit www.electri.org or contact Russell J Alessi, ELECTRI President, at rja@electri.org or 301-215-4518