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NECA Releases Basic Foremanship Course

May 29, 2014

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) has released its first blended learning course Basic Foremanship for entry-level foremen or those looking to move into a foreman role. This course is designed as a blend of fifteen online and in-seat learning modules covering topics such as the foreman’s role, documentation, mobilizing the job for success, maintaining a safe job, and project closeout. Participants will be required to take part in an online component and in-seat discussion group to earn their certificate of completion.

Visit necanet.org/BasicForemanship to learn more

This course is geared toward working or dedicated foremen, foremen in smaller companies or in rural areas, foremen with little or no training, entry-level foremen, and journeymen aspiring to be a foreman. The goals of this course include: introducing the role of the foreman, explaining how the foreman’s role is different than that of a craft worker, and to help participants apply basic tools and skills to be a more effective foreman. This course is not intended to be a replacement for NECA’s longstanding Electrical Project Supervision (EPS) program, which is a more advanced supervisory training program not designed for entry-level foremen.


The course is divided into fifteen modules, each on a different topic. Each module has a fifteen to twenty-minute online module and approximately forty-five minutes of in-class discussion. After participants review each online module and complete the online quiz on their own schedule, they will then attend a learning group session where they will discuss what they have learned and how to implement it in their own work.

The main topics for these modules are:

  • Defining the Foreman’s Role
  • Mobilizing the Job for Success
  • Maintaining a Safe Job
  • Documentation
  • Project Closeout
  • Managing Materials and Tools
  • Managing Cost, Time, and Quality
  • Managing Change
  • Work Planning and Scheduling
  • Managing Individual Workers
  • Communication and Team Building
  • Managing the Crew: Leadership and Motivation
  • Understanding Production and Construction
  • Supervising in a CW/CE Environment
  • Organizing for Success 

For any additional questions, please visit www.necanet.org/BasicForemanship or contact education@necanet.org.

Interested in Attending Basic Foremanship?

If you are interested in attending NECA’s Basic Foremanship course, you should register through your local chapter.
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Interested in Hosting Basic Foremanship?

For each Basic Foremanship course the course sponsor will need to coordinate access to the online modules, set up in-seat learning group sessions, and provide records back to NECA to closeout the program. The schedule for each Basic Foremanship class is set entirely by the course sponsor.
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Interested in Instructing Basic Foremanship?

Basic Foremanship course is scheduled and hosted locally, and due to the duration of the program it is likely that the instructor will need to be local as well.

Instructors for Basic Foremanship should have experience being in a foreman role, should be comfortable with the topics presented within the class and should have participated in the online modules and thoroughly reviewed the Facilitator's Guide.
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