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ELECTRI International Publishes Research Report On Employing CW/CEs Shows Strong Interest & Clear Value

May 19, 2014

ELECTRI International has published Best Practices for CW/CE Implementation (F3403), a research report based on the foundation's completed investigation of current CW/CE practices being used by well-established electrical contractors. The research helps to determine if a CW/CE program improves EC competitiveness, and was conducted by Todd L. Sirotiak, CCP, LEED AP, MBA, PE, PhD., from Diversified Construction Services.

The Electrical Contractors (ECs) involved in this study provide strong evidence that CW/CEs can be successfully used on a majority of projects. They recommend that CW/CE opportunities in the electrical labor field appear exceptional if ECs can find a way to capitalize upon them.

When considering how to add CW/CEs to the company’s workforce, those now employing CW/CEs favor recruiting by word-of-mouth (77%) and the union hall (67%). Once a CW/CE is on board, most companies rely upon the JATC to assist in providing future training.

In describing how adding CW/CEs affects competitiveness and market share, responders indicate a very high level of improvement in productivity – 97%; safety – 90%; and schedule performance – 100%.

The researcher determined that acceptance of CW/CEs is the leading challenge and recommends developing an educational approach for current staff that addresses the reasons why CW/CEs need to be part of the business model.

The report concludes that the CW/CE experience is holistic, adds business value, and offers opportunities for balanced growth.

The complete report, Best Practices for CW/CE Implementation, is available in the NECA store as a free PDF download for NECA Members or, $40 for non-members. Printed copies of the report and bulk order discounts available.

Index #: F3403

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