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New Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Study Available from ELECTRI International

Feb 06, 2013

The latest research study from ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction, Inc., is a comprehensive analysis of the electric vehicle infrastructure market, including how electrical contractors can provide energy efficiency upgrades for charging stations.

Combining Charging Station Installation with Energy Efficiency Upgrades: An Emerging Market (index #F3301) was investigated by Lonny Simonian, Dr. Thomas Korman, PE; and David Phillips from California Polytechnic State University. The researchers worked closely with 24 project task force members to produce the market analyses.

“This is the first exhaustive study of how electrical contractors can help make public electric vehicle charging more accessible and energy-efficient,” said Foundation president Russ Alessi. The overall goal of the research was to analyze market sectors of businesses that have multiple locations where energy audits can be conducted and where PVs and electric charging stations for PHEVs can be installed. The three specific objectives of the research included:

  • Identifying potential clients and locations
  • Developing a marketing plan and pricing model for electrical contractors for marketing purposes
  • Developing a framework for a certification program that would be created to certify PHEV charging station installers.

Ways to combine charging station installation with energy efficiency upgrades were also analyzed and reported on for each of the stated objectives.

The report can be downloaded as a PDF free of charge for NECA members. Printed copies of the studyare $20 for NECA members and $75 for non-members; quantity discounts are available. Contact the NECA Order Desk at (301) 215-4504 tel, (301) 215-4500 fax, email orderdesk@necanet.org, or go to the NECA store to purchase >