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ECs Building and Protecting Secure Cyber Networks

Dec 05, 2019

Heavy industrial companies comprise critical infrastructure for the global economy. The companies that generate or distribute power and those that extract or refine minerals, gas or oil, attractive targets for cybercrimes. 75% of construction companies (including electrical contractors, engineers, and infrastructure) have experienced a cyber-incident in the last year. Many of these companies build and maintain the network of power plants and transmission lines used to connect power to homes and businesses. That network is among the most critical infrastructures in the world, and the consequences of any breach or attack would reach far beyond the power sector. 

Watch as researchers at Trend Micro demonstrate construction equipment's vulnerability to hacking: 

trend micro cyber attack
Watch on YouTube » 

Electrical contractors design, build, maintain and restore power for highly dependent systems such as water and sewer, transportation, healthcare, financial and communications networks, defense and security systems, data and analytics systems, and education. ECs are on the front line, preventing our population from being incommunicado, immobile and in the dark – protecting us from vulnerability to cyber-attacks. A whole new generation of systems integrators is growing within the EC industry to design and protect the cyber networks used to operate every sector of our businesses and personal lives.

Additional reading about construction and cyber-security:

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