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Automated Trucking Will Improve Construction Logistics and Lower Costs

Nov 14, 2019

Transportation and logistics are at the core of supply chain management in the construction industry. Implementation of an effective transportation and delivery system reduces costs while ensuring on time delivery of the right materials to your job site. The core of supply chain management, shipping and delivery, will give electrical contractors a competitive advantage and reduce overall costs on any construction project. The same technologies being tested and utilized in self-driving cars are being applied and experimented with in the trucking industry (GPS, radar, cameras, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and LiDAR-Light Detection and ranging sensors).

Watch videos of Autonomous Vehicle Technology impacting logistics and shipping: 

UPS self driving youtube
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Thomasnet.com self driving
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The American Trucking Association estimates that there will be a shortage of about 175,000 truck drivers by 2024. Like the construction industry, the trucking industry has an aging workforce and is having trouble attracting younger workers/drivers. On average, 65% of consumable goods in the US are trucked to market. Autonomous technologies could decrease transportation costs by about 45%, saving the trucking industry between $85 and $125 billion.

Vehicle autonomization for the transportation of goods will not only help ECs by improving overall operational efficiencies, but it will assist with truck utilizations and offer reductions on fuel, freight and logistics costs, all while providing faster delivery times. These are savings that directly impact your business on the jobsite.

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