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Digital Electricity - Things to Know

Oct 30, 2019

Recently, a presenter at a training conference mentioned “digital electricity”. What really got the attention of everyone in the audience was the following statement, “PoE technology can carry up to 100W of power over a data cable for up to 100m, but digital electricity can carry up to 2,000W for up to 2,000m.” That means digital electricity offers up to 20 times the power at 20 times the distance of power currently available through Power over Ethernet (PoE). This is another example of technology providing more than environmental benefits – innovation is helping to provide energy security or an uninterrupted and affordable source of energy. The digitalization of energy infrastructure combined with innovation is creating the potential to provide greater energy security at the local, regional and national levels.

Watch video about digitized energy solutions:

GE grid video
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Digital electricity concepts include a “smart circuit” that immediately stops transmission if it senses the flow of electricity is escaping – like an automatic shut-off – preventing exposed wires or loose connections causing danger, or protecting against ground fault, high current levels, or arc fault. A cable carrying digital electricity allows for ample power. Digital electricity can double and triple the amount of power brought to equipment through the existing cable tray. The transmitter for digital electricity provides back-up by providing power to wireless systems allowing operations to continue even when the power to the building isn’t available. The ability to carry power safely over long distance becomes increasingly important. Digital electricity will continue to increase in use and applications powering all sorts of systems (media converters, mobile radios, PoE switches, routers and servers, Smart displays, Smart LEDs, wireless access points) installed and maintained by electrical contractors (ECs) and their systems integrators.

Additional reading about digital electricity solutions:

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