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5G Impacting Construction

Oct 24, 2019

Everything in construction will change with the impending arrival of 5G networks. John Bleasby, writing for ConstructConnect’s Daily Commercial News, says 5G will impact the way construction projects are conceived, engineered and constructed. Service and maintenance will also follow with 5G impact. The seamless interconnection of multiple devices (IoT, the Internet of Things) is affecting the entire building process. It’s not just communication of data and images between the trades. Client owners are paying designers and construction offices to utilize 5G networks in building infrastructure itself.

Watch video 5G and the future of Construction Machinery:

5g construction tech
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We have seen significant advancements in recent years related to building techniques, scheduling, materials, wireless data communication, and collaborative platforms such as BIM. 5G will improve and enhance bandwidth making ultra-high-definition videos available through AR/VR (augmented and virtual reality) and drone technologies. 5G will also open doors to further development of robotic and tele-remote equipment (see video above). Machines will recognize signals, receive input, map coordinates or instructions, make split-second decisions and share communication in a fraction of the time because of 5G.

Productivity and safety will see huge gains in sectors such as mining where applications of 5G and the use of tele-remote equipment will remove humans from danger altogether. Companies and electrical contractors embracing the shift to 5G networks, technologies, designs and implementations will ensure sustained business growth due to significant productivity gains.

Additional reading about 5G networks impacting construction:

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