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Construction: The Biggest Opportunity for Technology Growth and Innovation

Aug 29, 2019

Last week, we talked about improving safety, better jobsite regulation and massively boosting efficiency and productivity with a connected worksite. Expanding on that thought, construction site managers are realizing more control over a site using software, wearable construction technology, and mobile data. Sensors all over the jobsite, including workers and their equipment, are tracking tools and equipment usage, helping to place product orders, and by a touch of a button, remotely switching things off when they are not in use. Workers are checked in and out of jobsites efficiently. Broadcast messages are sent to personnel on-site during emergencies. Workers can now be warned by SMS (short message service) on personal devices, wearables, AR/VR, and other displays on various tools of the trade) when entering a danger zone. 

Watch video of NECA Premier Partner 3Ms smart tech safety harness: 

3m smart tech safety harness


Watch on YouTube »  Learn more about 3M fall protection solutions »

Connectivity by deployment of 5G and WiFi6 on construction sites supports greater speeds and larger amounts of data to get today’s jobs done. Mobile broadband is quick and easy to install on the construction site. Providers of mobile broadband can offer short term contracts making it easier to move within a large project site or from site to site. Read more about advances in construction technology »

Construction technologies are changing the way electrical contractors do business. Technologies on the jobsite help prevent cost overruns. “Generative design” is being deployed in real time, connecting the jobsite, the customer, and the designers to bring about cost-saving solutions when problems arise in the construction project. Educated workers help create a safer working environment maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Construction technologies are going to lead to more work and more savings for electrical contractors.

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