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DOL Approves Revised National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards for electrical training ALLIANCE

Jul 29, 2019

NECA was notified on July 26, 2019 that the electrical training ALLIANCE (ETA) has received approval from the U.S. Department of Labor for its new Revised National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards.

The new standards will help address the need for more skilled electricians, particularly in rural areas across the country, by providing contractors with the flexibility to shorten the timing of overall training without losing any of the critical standards that help our apprentices develop into highly skilled employees.  

“Our new standards will help modernize our program like never before,” said David Long, Chief Executive Officer of NECA. “In addition to the on-the-job training all our apprentices have come to experience, these standards will allow for great flexibility in blended learning platforms and aid our contractors with the ability to directly hire applicants.” 

Through participation in joint apprenticeship training programs, NECA contractors formally commit to developing additional talent in an earn-while-you-learn program. Our industry-renowned apprenticeship program is the highest level of education any electrical worker can receive. By simultaneously combining classroom curriculum with real-world experience, students become the best craftspersons possible.