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Updates for ConsensusDOCS Member Discount Codes and Renewals

May 31, 2019

There have been some recent updates to ConsensusDOCS and how member discounts and automatic renewals work.

The new platform for security reasons cannot transfer credit card data made from the old platform. Members will need to re-enter their credit card information to renew a subscription. Next year, members can select the auto-renewal option for future years.

Remember: When ordering from ConsensusDOCS, use the discount code “NECA200.” Codes will not automatically apply for renewals.

That National Electrical Contractors Association remains a part of ConsensusDOCS, the coalition whose model contract documents offer a new way for electrical contractors to work collaboratively with other subs, general contractors and owners.

ConsensusDocs are the only contracts written by leading design and construction industry organizations. With a catalog of 100+ contract documents addressing all methods of project delivery, ConsensusDocs contracts incorporate fair risk allocation and best practices to represent the project’s best interests.

Coalition organizations represent hundreds of thousands of design professionals, owners, contractors, subcontractors and sureties (DOCS). For more information, go to www.consensusdocs.org. Email Nick Unhold at sales@consensusdocs.org with any questions at code or renewals.

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