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Nanotech and the Future of Construction

Dec 20, 2018

"It could change the world"

News came out yesterday about the improvements Harvard has made to their nanobot HAMR (Harvard Ambulatory MicroRobot). Now HAMR can walk upside down (like on the ceiling) using electricity to lock three legs (remain statically stable) while the fourth moves forward, utilizing a tripedal crawl. Not to be outdone, MIT researchers are continuing their nanoscale research announced just this week by formulating and performing the process of shrinking objects. Reducing objects to 1/1000 of scale and nanotech’s ability to work upside down will impact the future of construction.

Additional reading about MIT and Harvard nano developments this week:

Nanotech can remove a lot of the labor and environmental costs from the creation of industrial and building products such as concrete. Concrete production involves pounding large rocks into smaller sizes for different jobs requiring varying by precise measures. Nanotech removes a lot of time and energy meaning concrete factories can do a smarter and cleaner job. Now, construction engineers will be able to perfectly calibrate the best uses and mixtures of materials with nanotechnology creating a more environmentally conscious and intelligent building process.

Watch how MIT shrinks objects just like Willy Wonka’s "WonkaVision": 

tech 1220 vid

Fun for the holidays, watch the original clip of “WonkaVision” – a glimpse of nanotechnology »

Soon you will see self-healing concrete available at your home improvement store. Jacob Clifton says, “the future doesn’t come in a brightly labeled box marked THE FUTURE. It shows up after being test-marketed, designed, renamed and made to look like the world we already know – but that doesn’t make it any less exciting!”

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