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The Library of Everything: Filtering for the Future of Electrical Contracting

Nov 29, 2018

Information overload is real. Sifting through technologies and product information to incorporate the newest and greatest applications for design and construction is more than challenging. Countless choices are piling up in every direction. Merely previewing all the new things invented or created in the past 24 hours is estimated to consume more than a year’s worth of our individual attention! We need filters to help us make wise choices and get the most for our investments of time, money and training.

Watch this video, “6 Amazing Construction Technology Machines”:

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Author Kevin Kelly writes that the average person can summon the Library of Everything with a simple flick of the wrist. 400,000 new products, 182 billion tweets, 30 billion blog posts, 16,000 new films, 2 million new books and 8 million new songs are produced every 12 months! The 180 million songs recorded in human history would fit into 720 terabytes of computer storage costing about $72,000 and filling the space of a closet. In a few years that same computer storage will cost $700 and fit in your pocket! Talk about applications of filtering.

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