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The Future is Becoming and We’re Perpetual Newbies

Nov 08, 2018

Transplant MississippiAfter years of training and medical practice, Dr. James Hardy performed the first successful lung transplant and a few months later successfully transplanted the world’s first human heart (he also performed the first successful kidney transplant). What’s amazing is that lung transplant took place in 1963 at the University of Mississippi Medical Center!

Dr. Hardy (pictured right) would be pleased and amazed to know the rapid pace at which medical treatments are developing today. For more, see how advancements in neurotechnology allowed three paralyzed men to walk again »

Electrical Contractors (ECs) are on center stage for just about every technological change taking place and those yet to come. Medical Centers, Data Centers, Defense and Aerospace-related developments, and even Amazon headquarters and distribution centers demand the skilled labor and craft of ECs and their electricians.

Kevin Kelly, author of “The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future”, writes we have entered a new era of “becoming”, and everyone regardless of age is and will be a newbie. We will be newbies because most of the technologies that will dominate life by 2050 have not even been invented, yet. And because new technology requires endless updates, we’ll remain in a “newbie state”. Finally, the cycle of obsolescence is accelerating – the average lifespan of a phone APP is only 30 days! ECs and their skilled workforce must embrace being “endless newbies” and prepare for the challenge of endless work and continual training.

Watch this video about “The Inevitable” from Kevin Kelly:

the inevitable

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