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Incoming 116th Congress Positioned to Strengthen America's Infrastructure and Workforce Shortage

Nov 07, 2018

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Electrical Contractors Association, John M. Grau, issued the following statement in reaction to the results of the 2018 Mid-Term Election: 

Our electrical contractors congratulate the winners of the 2018 midterm election and we look forward to working with each and every new member of the 116th Congress.

NECA contractors, their employees, and the rest of the American people expect Congress to find ways to work together. We believe there are several areas where the Trump administration and next Congress can work together — infrastructure, workforce development, health care, energy, and trade should all be top priorities.

This new Congress stands poised to help strengthen America’s infrastructure. We will continue to advocate for enactment of a plan to build a real 21st century infrastructure for our nation. Such a plan will help provide significant economic benefits but also create thousands of jobs for our contractors and their employees.  

We will also work with leaders to push for new ways to improve the rules and regulations governing workforce development training through our existing DOL-approved apprenticeship programs. 

NECA will reach out and help educate new members of Congress about all aspects of the electrical construction industry and the important issues that fuel growth and prosperity across the country.