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Reshaping and Retooling the Future of Construction

Oct 25, 2018

http://reports.weforum.org trendsOur world, and especially the construction industry, is going through many complex transitions. Technological change of unprecedented speed and depth will likely impact construction more than anything because developing technologies are beginning to change our workforce recruitment and training, our tools, our environment, and our future. The work of Electrical Contractors is at the center, impacting future construction with rapidly changing physical infrastructure needs and related vulnerabilities. View the 12th Edition Global Risks Report from World Economic Forum »

We must attract new talent and build up required skills to reshape the construction/urban and infrastructure industry. The diversity of talent must be widened, and emphasis placed on new technologies and tools helping to improve the overall image of the industry. Agile working methods and flexible organizations will enable change management and adaptiveness. Digital models and data usage utilized throughout the industry’s processes will modernize and transform construction. Innovation and the integration of new technologies at scale is crucial to the EC’s role in shaping the future world of construction. Infrastructure and urban development companies (construction companies) need to increase integration and collaboration. Finally, electrical contractors must identify the most promising products and market sectors and embrace new businesses. These recommended actions will enable EC's to positively impact the world while transforming construction or the infrastructure and urban development industry.

Check out WEF's video on shaping the future of construction/UI (Urban and Infrastructure) Industry:

WEF: Construction/UI

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