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NECA Government Affairs Team Gives Legislative Update During NECA 2018 Philadelphia

Sep 30, 2018

The National Electrical Contractors Association’s government affairs staff offered their insights on NECA’s recent legislative accomplishments and a look forward during the Government Affairs Update on Sunday at NECA 2018 Philadelphia.

NECA Executive Director of Government Affairs Marco Giamberardino and managers Trevor Falk and James Farrell presented information on a variety of topics including the reauthorization of major programs such as the Federal Aviation Administration, the Water Resources Development Act, appropriations and tax policy as well as President Trump’s nominations and the current Supreme Court vacancy.

The package known as Tax Reform 2.0 was one of the session’s primary focuses. The effort, comprised of three bills, would make permanent several provisions from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Protecting Family and Small Businesses Tax Cuts of 2018, Family Savings Act of 2018, American Innovations Act of 2018).

Another area of emphasis is pension reform. NECA supports the GROW Act and authorizing composite plans to modernize the multiemployer pension plan system. It also supports the repeal of the 40 percent tax on contractors’ health plans.

Regarding infrastructure, Giamberardino said, “The electrical industry supports infrastructure investments that address needs in all sectors.”

He pointed to the reauthorization of major government programs in the National Defense Authorization Act and the American Water Infrastructure Act as prime examples.

Giamberardino, Falk and Farrell also looked ahead to the upcoming midterm elections. They said the GOP appears more likely to hold the Senate while it is on defense in the House. And, either way, the race for Speaker of the House will be important to watch.

“if the Republicans do maintain control of the House, there will be a major power vacuum,” Falk said.

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