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What Will 5G Mean for Electrical Contractors?

Sep 27, 2018

If electrical contractors are busy now, there is potential for being even busier with services related to installation, access, and use of the coming 5G network.

Estimates of costs related to accessing and utilizing 5G in the U.S. exceed $300 billion by 2020! The key to making 5G accessible and effective is the internet of things (IoT). Think of 5G being powered by smaller transmitters or antennas in closer proximity virtually everywhere you look. Even a single home would have multiple 5G transmitters to power the new network. The beauty of 5G isn’t just the speed of downloading, as pointed out in the CCN Money Matters video below, but the fact that connectivity will allow virtual reality such as a surgeon performing life-saving operations thousands of miles away.

Watch CNN-Money's short feature of why 5G is important:

cnn 5g

Read more from CNN Money about How 5G will transform the way we learn new skills and why 5G heading to Houston is a big deal.

Additional reading:

5G will allow data to travel instantaneously. This will allow autonomous vehicles to mimic human reflexes to the point that experts say 5G will become crucial to the success of autonomous vehicles. As mentioned, healthcare in general will be impacted, but especially remote patient monitoring and surgery. With 4G, a two-hour movie takes 6-minutes to download. Very soon the viewer will only need 3-to-4-seconds to download the same two-hour movie through a 5G network! Over the next decade, 5G will connect one-trillion devices. Enabling smarter homes, businesses and schools; and creating smarter cities and smarter grids.

With so much connectivity, security is always a concern, but 5G promises to deliver greater if not "hacker-proof" security for all users – that alone would be incredible!

Access, installation, maintenance and expansion are all part of expanding business opportunities for electrical contractors.

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