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Cobots Coming to a Construction Site Near You

Sep 13, 2018

Cobots are used in a variety of tasks. Ford uses them on the production line for the F-150, as do other auto manufacturers in their assembly lines. One important difference between cobots and robots is the ease and flexibility of programming for cobots. Tasks can be varied or reassigned with less time spent on programming in many cases. Cobots are intentionally designed to help humans work smarter often increasing safety or protecting human workers from some work-related strain, by applying or extending dexterity and increasing longevity in the overall job or task. Through multiple sensors, cobots can complete tasks by demonstration, almost mimicking an action, bypassing the need to shut down and reprogram.

Cobots by definition are collaborators, designed to work alongside, not to replace human workers. Watch this clip for the differences between cobots and robots »

See cobots working with AutoDesk to explore automation in construction:

Autodesk cobot

autodesk cobot drywallThe way we work is being transformed by the incorporation of cobots. They differ from robots in four main ways: ease of use; functionality; partnership with humans; and safety. AutoDesk, well-known to the electrical construction industry, is experimenting with cobots in various scenarios to automate the construction industry. Their projects span human robot interactions, machine learning, drawing and smart assembly systems. The electrician of the near future will likely have cobots on site improving safety and helping make quicker more accurate work of many tasks on the jobsite today.

Cobot Inventor Esben Østergaard Speaks on Increasing Value of Humans » 

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