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NECAnet Default Password Change

Mar 28, 2018

As a result of a security update to NECA’s login process, default passwords are now required to start with a capital letter.

The default log-in is your username, which is your Individual ID, and your password, which is the first three characters of your last name (with the first letter capitalized) followed by your Individual ID again.

Example: John Smith has an Individual ID of 1234567. His username would be 1234567. His password would be Smi1234567. (Note: If the username is 1234567 and the last name is O’Connell, the password would be O’c1234567.)

Also, please press the Control and F5 buttons to do a one-time “hard reset” on the home page before logging in. If you still have an issue logging in, please use the Forgot Password Form.