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ELECTRI International Welcomes Joey Shorter

Feb 01, 2018

In a recent letter (below), Joey Shorter, spoke about his entrance into the organization as the new executive director of ELECTRI International, and his hopes to grow the foundation as a whole. 

Dear Colleagues, 

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of meeting many of you. When asked to lead ELECTRI’s efforts, I knew the opportunity would bring both satisfaction and challenge. It is satisfying to work with our industry’s leaders on a daily basis. Accepting the challenge to continue growing a healthy and productive foundation crucial to the future successes of our industry is understandably exciting.

While ELECTRI’s work and purpose are not new to me, its mission is one that truly excites me. To conduct research that is purposeful, even critical, to the daily operations and potential growth and expansion of the electrical industry is very meaningful. When that research is valued enough to become the spine of the training and educational coursework for an entire industry, excitement quickly turns to a deep sense of responsibility measured with humility.

Someone asked recently if I intended to “grow the Foundation”. My immediate response was unequivocally, “Yes”. Growth is easily measured by financial commitments to the Foundation. Yet, real growth will also be measured by the ways in which the impact of our mission result in the successes and expansion of our EC companies and allies overall.

Excitement and challenge are two really good reasons to greet each day as an opportunity to continue the great work for which ELECTRI is well-known. An even better reason is the opportunity to work with and serve each of you. The opportunity to create and produce effective and applicable tools for success in the EC industry is made possible only by your personal participation and your significant contributions. ELECTRI International’s success will be multiplied many times over as we expand opportunities to participate and contribute by enlisting additional professionals like you to join in our effort.

I welcome the excitement and challenge of leading ELECTRI’s mission. More importantly, I welcome the true privilege of working with each of you to set and meet goals as we grow and expand ELECTRI. Our impact on the electrical construction industry will be accomplished with an exemplary standard of excellence.

Grateful for the opportunity to work and serve,

Joey Shorter
Executive Director, ELECTRI International