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Members Appointed to NECA's 2018 National Standing Committees

Jan 22, 2018

The national standing committees and task forces for 2018 were recently approved by the NECA Executive Committee. These committees and task forces, along with more detailed information, will be found online here »

Meet the 2018 NECA Executive Committee:

2018 ExComm Photo


David Long, President   
Miller Electric Company
Jacksonville, FL 


Michael E. McPhee, Vice President District One  
McPhee Electric Ltd./ Phalcon Ltd.
Farmington, CT 

Daniel B. Walsh, Vice President District Two 
United Electric Company Inc 
Louisville, KY 

Kirk Davis, Vice President District Three
Bob Davis Electric Company Inc.
Shreveport, LA  

Wes Anderson, Vice President District Four
Anderson Electric Inc
Springfield, IL 

Vincent Real, Vice President District Five
Big State Electric Ltd.
San Antonio, TX 
Gloria Ashford, Vice President District Six
Ashford Electric
Kirkland, WA  
Gregory A. Rick, Vice President District Seven
Rick Electric, Inc.
Moorhead, MN  
James McDonald, Vice President District Eight 
J&M Electric, Inc.
Missoula, MY 
Earl Restine Jr., Vice President District Nine 
Fuller Electric Corporation
San Diego, CA 
Thomas G. Halpin, Vice President District Ten 
Haugland Energy Group
Plainview, NY 

Larry Beltramo, Vice President at Large
Rosendin Electric Inc.
San Jose, CA

John M. Grau, Chief Executive Officer
Bethesda, MD 
Daniel G. Walter, Chief Operating Officer
Bethesda, MD  
Traci Walker, Secretary/Treasurer
Bethesda, MD  
Geary Higgins, Vice President
Bethesda, MD