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The Latest Technologies to Impact Your Future

Jan 11, 2018

CES 2018 is an event that introduces next-generation innovations to the marketplace. This is a huge event. How big? Do you remember learning about “prime numbers”? The most recently discovered prime number is only the 50th and was computed by an electrical engineer in Germantown, TN. The largest prime number calculated to date, and simply known as M77232917, exhibits a string of 23,249,425 digits – that requires a blackboard and chalk for days to record! The point is, the future of everything tech show is “HUGE”!

Screenshot 2018-01-11 07.36.22The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) owns and produces CES. It is said to be the global stage for everything future technology. All sorts of gadgets are on display including self-rolling luggage! So much of the technology relates to construction such as smart bathroom tech that controls your water temp and pressure settings in the shower, lights for all sorts of settings in the bathroom, and of course HVAC. But, the huge area to impact us all is the growing autonomous vehicle industry. From Nissan’s introduction of B2V (brain to vehicle) technology that anticipates the driver’s every move, to Toyota’s e-Palette sharable transport, which converts from passenger to cargo-delivery and can be configured to all sorts of shapes and sizes for endless use 24/7. Tools for jobsite are making applications of smart technologies no doubt. But, how those tools and even employees and supervisors arrive at the jobsite in the very near future will be drastically changed by these technologies. 

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