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Electrical Industry Group Receives ANSI Certification for Three Crane Operator Programs

Nov 16, 2017

The Electrical Industry Certifications Association has received accreditation for three crane operator certification programs from the American National Standards Institute under its personnel certification accreditation program.

EICA’s accredited crane operator certification categories include the following: Digger Derrick, Rotating Control Telescoping Crane, and Stationary Control Telescoping Crane. ANSI’s Personnel Certification Accreditation Committee awarded EICA accreditation on Sept. 22.

EICA is a group that offers certification exams specifically for the electrical industry. It was formed in 2014 to address a need identified by employers and others in the electrical construction industry, that of crane and digger derrick operation near and around electrical lines, as well as the difficult terrain found in transmission line construction environments.

The EICA Board of Directors included employer management representatives; executive directors and national staff from several chapters of the National Electrical Contractors Association; a senior representative of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; a senior representative of the electrical training ALLIANCE; and a public-at-large member from the investment community.

Michael J. Johnston, NECA’s Executive Director of Standards and Safety, said gaining accreditation from ANSI took years of development and the work of experienced volunteers across the country.

“ANSI represents the highest level of personnel accreditation services within the industry,” Johnston said. “ANSI’s impartial authentication of EICA’s policies and procedures meets the highest professional level of standards in examination development, verification and administration.”

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