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Drones to Create Jobs and Billion$$ in Economic Impact

Nov 08, 2017

Drones are not new. But, regulations creating opportunities for business operations are. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) is excited about the U.S. Drone Integration Pilot Program released by Elaine Chao, U.S. Secretary of Transportation, just last week (November 2, 2017). AUVSI President and CEO, Brian Wynne, says that drones are being embraced by growing numbers of businesses and public safety providers. Wynne believes the growing demand and use of drones is indicative of a “new renaissance in aviation and technology”. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the AUVSI agree that sustained collaboration and support by government at all levels will be necessary as drone use continues to grow.

Read article about the Drone Integration Pilot Program from USDOT »

Under the leadership of Secretary Chao, the Department of Transportation has been very busy. This initiative, the Drone Pilot Program, is the second major initiative leveraging new technologies, and comes on the heels of A Vision for Safety 2.0, which designed a path forward for “the safe deployment of automated or safe-driving vehicles”. Chao believes that the integration of drones into U.S. airspace is the biggest technical challenge to aviation since the Jet Age. The Drone Integration Pilot Program will safeguard and nurture an American legacy of creativity and innovation. It is designed to usher in a new era of capability, accessibility, and aviation service. 70,000 jobs will be created in the first three years of integration, generating an economic impact of more than $13.6 billion. By 2025 those projections climb to over 100,000 jobs created and an economic impact of $82 billion.  Electrical Contractors are finding ways to deploy drones in current operations as well as looking at opportunities to expand business beyond their usual scope. A drone division could enhance business and operations, increasing revenue for NECA member contractors looking for such opportunities.

Watch video about uses of drones in construction businesses: 

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