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Safety Notice Issued for Genie Lifts Used by Electrical Contractors in Field

Nov 06, 2017

A safety notice for Genie Lifts – used in the field by electrical contractors – has been issued.

Genie has determined that the operator's protective alarm (OPA) installed several models listed is equipped with a mounting bracket that may become loose. This may cause the OPA assembly to fall off the machine, resulting in a collision hazard.

The safety notice that was released requires installing a reinforcement structure around the OPA assembly. 

Models and Serial Numbers Affected:

Machines equipped with the OPA option shipped from the factory within the following models and serial ranges: 

S- Booms

Model    Serial Number                                               Model                  Serial Number

S-40:       S4016H-22271 to 22992                              S-80X:                  S80X15-12809 to 12809

S40H-23501 to 23507                                                                S80X16H-13425 to 13778 

S-45:       S4514-19235 to 19793                                 S-85:                     S8016D-186 to 304                    S4515-20522 to 21728                                                               S85D-340 to 443

S4516-21900 to 21908                                                               S8513-10539 to 10539

S4516H-21969 to 22991                                                            S8514-11075 to 11774

S45H-23540 to 23746                                                                 S8515-12657 to 1317                                                                                                        S8516H-13404 to 13777

S-60X:     S60X16N-31267 to 31279                                                          S85H-14003 to 14070

S60X16H-35249 to 36162

S60XH-36502 to 36592                                S-105:                   S10516D-1391

S-60 / S-65: S6014A-27677 to 28862         S-125:                  S12513D-553 to 612

S6015A-29739 to 31084                                                            S12514D-907 to 908

S6015D-202 to 330                                                                     S12515D-1065 to 1305

S6016D-395 to 630                                                                     S12516D-1353 to 1472

S60D-640 to 794

S6015H-35025 to 35030                              SX-135XC:           SX135H-113 to 125

S6016H-35036 to 36160

S60H-36400 to 36610                                   SX-150:                SX15016H-197 to 227

                                                                                       S6016M-103 to 195

S60M-400 to 486                                           SX-180:                SX-18014-141:
S6016N-31323 to 31356                                                            SX-18015-210 to 275
                                                                                                       SX-18016H-320 to 352

S-65TRAX: S60TXD-654 to 850                                                                  SX-180H-601

S60TX16H-35874 to 36161


Z- Booms

Model                   Serial Number                                       Model               Serial Number

Z-45/25: Z452514A-51329 to 52779                                 Z-62:                 Z6215A-112 to 846

Z452515A-53296 to 55001                                                            Z6216A-967

Z452516A-55090 to 55104                                                            Z6216D-108 to 136

Z452514B-3656 to 4265                                                                Z62D-150 to 197

Z452515B-4283 to 5375                                                                Z62H-3004 to 3059

Z452516B-5421 to 5433                                                                Z6216M-101 to 102

Z45216D-750 to 773                                                                      Z62M-405 to 540Z452516D-708 to 912                                                                    Z6216N-1091 to 2034

Z4525D-963 to 1243

Z452516M-5455 to 6415                                 Z-80:                     Z8014-4823 to 5204

Z4525M-6700 to 7191                                                                   Z8015-5309 to 5749

Z452516N-55302 to 56865                                                            Z8016-5776 to 5777Z4525N-57202 to 57355                                                                Z8016H-5876 to 6208                                                                                                            Z80H-6400 to 6515

Z-51:       Z513015B-1496 to 1507

Z513016M-1647 to 1706                                 ZX-135:                 ZX13513-2222 to 2229Z5130M-2014 to 2120                                                                    ZX13514-2482 to 2483                                                                                                            ZX13515-2557 to 2783

Z-60:       Z6014-13514 to 14265                                                                  ZX13516H-2813 to 2973

Z60H-705 to 724                                                                             ZX135H-3202 to 3246

Z6016N-210 to 400
Z60N-640 to 640


The OPA Assembly can be installed in the following models:


S- Boom Models              Z- Boom Models

S-40                                     Z-45/25 IC

S-45                                     Z-45/25J IC

S-40Trax                             Z-45/25 DC

S-45Trax                             Z-45/25J DC

S-60                                     Z-45/25 Bi-Energy

S-65                                     Z-45/25J Bi-Energy

S-60X                                   Z-51/30

S-60XC                                Z-60/34

S-60Trax                             Z-60/37 DC

S-65Trax                             Z-60/37 FE

S-80                                     Z-62/40

S-85                                     Z-80/60

S-80X                                   Z-135/70

S-100                                   ZX-135/70




SX-135 XC



To order parts, machine owners with a valid Genie account can contact the Terex AWP Parts Department to place an order through one of the following: 

Genie website

Fax: 1-888-274-6192

Phone: 1-800-536-1800

Machine owners without a valid Genie account can contact their nearest Terex AWP dealership or Terex AWP Service Centers for assistance.