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Clean, Renewable, and Affordable Air-Breathing Batteries for Energy Storage

Oct 26, 2017

Affordable, reliable energy storage is key in making renewable energy viable on a large scale. Batteries have been identified as the best solution for energy storage, but they are costly. Lithium-ion batteries for instance are not only expensive, but they lose capacity after every recharge. Enter a new battery developed by MIT researchers that is reliable and much less expensive. It is “air-breathing” because oxygen pushes in and out of it to make it work. MIT’s new battery is one of the cheapest rechargeable batteries to be made coming in at 1/30th the cost of a lithium-ion battery.

Read article about MIT’s air-breathing battery

MIT’s air-breathing battery can be scaled up for the purpose of storing energy in the grid. It is also capable of storing power for seasons at a time, which makes it perfect for storing electricity from wind and solar-generated power. We need the cleanliness of renewable energy. The ability to store that energy for months at a fraction of the price of existing technologies is incredible! The battery inhales oxygen (creating negatively-charged hydroxide ions) in the catholyte (positive [+] side) and then recharges, exhaling oxygen (creating hydrogen ions) returning electrons to the anolyte (negative [-] side). The battery’s charge balance is created by taking oxygen in and out of the system. It literally inhales and exhales air. Unlike humans, it exhales oxygen not carbon dioxide. Renewable – yes. Clean – yes. Cheap – yes, yes, yes!

Watch video about MIT’s air-breathing batteries:

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.34.59 AM

And, watch this video on comparative energy storage costs »

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