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A Message from President-Elect David Long

Oct 26, 2017


A Message from President-Elect David Long

I have asked if I might take the unusual first step of sending this communication out to NECA members, chapters, staff, partners and friends.

Before President Hardt finishes his term at the end of December I want to once again thank him for his leadership and mentoring over the past three years. He has set NECA on a course that I hope to advance and build on during my term of office. If the successful convention in Seattle is any indication, I have my work cut out for me. Congratulations, President Hardt and the NECA team on a job well done.

I just want you to know how honored I am to have been elected as the next NECA president and how thrilled, eager and excited I am to get started. For those of you who know me, patience is not my greatest virtue.

I don't take office until January 1, but I ambusy preparing for my new role. I have many plans and ideas already developed. I have meetings scheduled over the next few weeks with David Hardt and John Grau to work on this transition. I will definitely hit the ground running at the first of the year.

As I said in my remarks to the Board of Governors and at the closing session of the convention I have organized my plans around three main themes: NECA is Sustainable, NECA is Viable, and NECA is Imaginable. I will be further explaining what I mean by these themes and will build on them throughout my three year term as NECA President. You will find that you can hold me accountable for what I say, and I will report regularly to you on our progress.

The main purpose for this email - beyond once again expressing my gratitude - is to solicit your support.I am a "can do" person, and while I sometimes like to think I can do it all myself, I'm wise enough to know otherwise.

If you are a NECA member I need your guidance and direction.I am a contractor like you, and I know what it's like to walk in your shoes, but I don't know everything.Let me know what you need from NECA to help make your company more successful.After all that is what we are ultimately here for.

If you are a chapter leader or chapter executive, share some of your best ideas and practices with us.Not all, in fact most great ideas are not generated from on top.We need to do a better job of taking what works in one area and help apply it to other areas.

If you are on NECA's national staff, please help me implement my plans.My job and the job of the NECA Executive Committee is to establish the policies and the direction for our organization.Your responsibility is to take our ideas and turn them into reality.We have many talented individuals on our staff, and we depend on you to get the work done.

If you are an IBEW leader I call on you to be true partner and to work with me, our staff leaders, and NECA Vice Presidents to grow our industry in a way that creates a better life for both of our memberships.When our teams go in separate directions we fail, but we know how powerful and successful we both can be when we work together.

If you are a NECA Premier Partner I ask you to provide more than your already generous financial commitment. Give us your thoughts and expertise regarding the future of the industry we all work in. Help us thrive and grow.

If you are on the 2018 NECA Executive Committee be prepared to work and lead.I need each of you to get the message out and to bring the message back.I need you to work with your regional directors and the IBEW leadership in your districts to solve problems and create an environment that avoids problems in the first place.

I come into my new role with the attitude that NECA is not broken, in fact far from it.I truly believe that we are the best trade association in the industry.But we shouldn't be satisfied with measuring ourselves against others.Our goal should be to become better than we are.That in essence is my message, and what I want to achieve.

I already know that you believe the same thing, so I am thanking you in advance for your support.You will be hearing from me often.

In the meantime, let's take the good feelings and inspiring messages we learned in Seattle back home to our businesses and families.We are blessed to be citizens of the United States and members of NECA.


David Long
President, Miller Electric

Contact me at David.Long@necanet.org with any questions, comments or suggestions.

I welcome your feedback!