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Medical Delivery Drones Save Estimated 20-50% of Courier Costs

Sep 27, 2017

A Silicon Valley-based company has designed the drones and the cloud system for sending and receiving platforms for medical deliveries. Matternet’s newly launched system can autonomously load, launch and land the drones. No more delays in emergency situations. In densely populated metropolitan areas for instance, hospitals often need to “rush” delivery from a lab. Perhaps a gunshot victim needs blood in an ER that has just run out of the blood type needed. Or, a surgeon waiting to remove a tumor in the middle of a procedure needs urgent biopsy results from the lab. Getting around traffic gridlock and decreasing the possibility of human error in delivery, Matternet’s system of Medical Delivery Drones will save money over the costs of Couriers, to say nothing of the time saved in transport.

Read article about Medical Delivery Drones in Switzerland, developed in Silicon Valley

In Rwanda, drones already carry blood for transfusions to remote clinics. Soon, antimalarial drugs or emergency vaccines and other medical supplies will be delivered by drones in Tanzania. Africa has been deploying drone delivery networks for some time. Matternet’s system in Switzerland will be the first in the developed world, with drones flying near busy international airports and through urban airspace. The autonomous load, launch and land system works without training personnel on how to use the drones. It’s not just economically cost effective, but in testing the systems, Matternet found that a 25 minute trip by car or van courier takes roughly 3 minutes by drone! Safety is a big concern darting in and around emergency vehicles and helicopters. An emergency landing can be made from a remote flight station by a human technician monitoring all autonomous drone flights. Costs will come down and even more savings will be realized as the technology continues to evolve.  

Watch video on the new Matternet Medical Drone Delivery system: 

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 3.59.44 PM

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Imagine, a life-saving AED could be delivered by drone to a remote area of a construction site. Or, less dramatic but also saving time and money, a much-needed tool could be sent from one site to another or from one area of a large construction site to another where it is needed. Autonomous loading, launching and landing systems will cut the number of required human, licensed operators.

For fun, check out a few drones you can ride on:

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 4.02.18 PM

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