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Technologies Americans Fear Most According to Millennials, Gen-X, and Boomers

Sep 21, 2017

What are you most afraid of regarding new and future technologies?

Statistics sourced from zdnet.com

Apparently, across the generations there are some consistent and real fears about new technologies and where they are taking us in the very near future.

What did Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers all have to say about their fears regarding technology? 

The results of a recent survey from CBT Nuggets reveal an interesting mix of hopes and fears. Two technologies were at extremes: charging through WiFi, which is under patent but not yet available, was seen as a pretty great opportunity; while swarms of drones, which is pretty much a tech reality already, not so much. Aside from swarms of autonomous drones, which seemed to terrify all three groups, millennials fear computers that teach themselves. Gen-Xers worry most about self-driving vehicles. Flying cars worry Boomers the most. Millennials were much more excited about tech than either Gen-Xers or Boomers. All groups were concerned about new technologies. That likely suggest that Millennials like the older generations see potential for negative consequences, but they are more optimistic about tech, all concerns aside. 

The top five most concerning technologies:

  1. Swarm of Autonomous Drones
  2. Robots that Teach Each Other
  3. Self-learning Computers
  4. Self-driving Cars
  5. Flying Cars

The top five least concerning technologies: 

  1. Vertical Farming
  2. Charging Devices through WiFi
  3. Holograms
  4. Hoverboards
  5. Robotic Venus Flytraps

Other tech of concern to note:

Cryogenic hibernation, printable food, lab-grown organs and the iron man suit were of medium concern.

Of even lesser concern were retinal implants, bionic eyes, thought-controlled prostheses and augmented reality contact lenses.

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