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Everlasting Electricity from Nuclear Diamonds…They are Forever!

Sep 13, 2017

The 1971 James Bond Thriller, “Diamonds are Forever,” was never created to last forever. While it is true that diamonds may never lose their luster, and are a girl’s best friend; researchers at the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute are giving diamonds new meaning. The diamonds at Cabot’s labs are man-made. Well, actually they are made from nuclear waste. Stop. Wait a minute. Something can be made from the thousands of tons of nuclear waste created in the world? The U.S. alone has produced over 76,000+ metric tons of nuclear waste to date. Typically, such wastes have been contained and taken well below the earth’s surface in remote areas to hopefully rot away over the next 5,000 years. This new process of superheating the nuclear waste material until it creates crystals into diamonds, which in turn gives off a charge of electrical energy, potentially has limitless power possibilities.

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Cabot Institute researchers are placing these nuclear diamond batteries inside a non-radioactive diamond shell to absorb any harmful emissions. That second layer of man-made diamond casing allows even more electricity to be generated, which has made these diamond batteries nearly 100% efficient! Wait a second. Think about that. How do we supply electricity for future world-wide populations? How can that electricity be sustainable and clean? Nuclear diamonds are an incredibly efficient way to utilize radioactive wastes. Applications of nuclear diamond batteries as an ideal power solution can be made to flight times of planes, satellites and spacecraft. Can you imagine never charging your personal devices again? Think about powering the artificial pancreas or pacemakers, making such medical devices more reliable and enabling users to live fuller, more productive lives. Tom Scott, Cabot Institute’s materials science professor, says there are no emissions generated and no maintenance required – just direct electricity generation. This could be the “holy grail of electricity generation”!

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