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New Paper Predicts Construction Sites Will Be Human-Free by 2050

Aug 07, 2017

If the last few years have taught humanity anything, it’s that no industry is safe from the disruptive influence of technology. Who would have predicted a hundred years ago that, by 2017, some of the cars on the road would be driving themselves?

The construction industry is another sector that’s due for a major shakeup in the next few years. More specifically, bold claims are emerging about automation, and some of the ramifications are going to be as startling as they are exciting.

The beginning of the human-free construction site?

If you want a top-notch prognosticator to tell you about the future of construction sites, you can’t do much better than Balfour Beatty, a British multinational infrastructure company. It’s built rail systems, dams, motorways, tunnels and subways.

After evaluating where things are headed, it published a paper called “Innovation 2050: A Digital Future for the Infrastructure Industry.”

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