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Construction in 2020…and Beyond

Jun 01, 2017

Has your jobsite ever been constrained by the breakdown of information?

Construction companies are experiencing long-overdue digital transformation. IT applications are helping to fill the gap and give us the ability to consolidate, adding value by giving us the ability to report and see everything in real time. Architects, engineers, contractors, supervisors and foremen, all the way to the electricians on the jobsite are all becoming more informed. With growing access to real-time information, a lot of paperwork of the present and past is becoming obsolete. How many reams of paper were just filed away, or trashed altogether, and never used?

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 Future Building Technology:
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 10 Futuristic Construction Technologies:
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More than just saving paper, new technologies are also improving productivity. As project delays are reduced, added benefits such as enhancing the quality of buildings are being realized. With working conditions and environmental compatibilities improving, our industry will continue to see tremendous strides in worker safety. Out of necessity and because of the growing use of technology in construction, the typical Baby Boomer and Gen X faces seen on our jobsites will be joined and gradually replaced by tech-savvy Gen Y and Z workers. One of the biggest challenges for our construction sites will be handling change management during the coming period of significant generational transformation. As the faces of the construction industry change, technological advances will continue to make the construction sector more interesting and cost-effective.  

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