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Technologies Impacting Construction

May 17, 2017

44 percent of future construction and real estate roles are predicted to be automated.

Business owners are already finding that robots combined with artificial intelligence can perform high-precision tasks not achievable by humans. There is a greater variety of shapes in design for manufacturers, for instance. Tasks that are being performed are often repetitive and can be very dangerous for humans. There is documented proof that time and money are being saved with automation. In addition to service delivery robots that don’t call in sick or fail to show, there are automated floor cleaners deployed in schools, hospitals, office buildings and malls. You don’t have to look very far to find actroid receptionists or automated window cleaners operating in many of the larger buildings in our cities.

Watch below video on disruptive technologies in construction and racing:

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3-D printing is entering the manufacturing industry by producing the shoes we wear, see recent WSJ article, 3-D Printing is Taking the Next Step: Your Shoes.

The impact of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) on construction is already being felt. Users can see a finished building before construction even begins. Investors are visualizing properties before investing. Architects are creating designs in the virtual world before building in the real world. The use of AR and VR is expected to increase 140% over the next five years. Additionally, the expanded use of drones and 3-D printers will continue to increase especially in the world of construction. The world of construction is undergoing a metamorphosis that can lead to efficiencies, improved structures and products, as well as more rewarding work for owners, designers and workers. Disruptive technologies are impacting construction now.

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