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NECA Releases NEIS Yearbook Volume 12

Mar 01, 2017

The twelfth volume of the National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS®) Yearbook CD collection (Index# 2000-16) is now available from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). This reference tool is a complete digital collection of NECA’s performance standards for electrical construction and maintenance.


NEIS are the only quality and performance standards for electrical construction. They are used primarily by electrical contractors, consulting engineers, facility managers, and professionals who design and specify for electrical construction projects. With their installation detail, illustrations and thorough explanations, NEIS are also a valuable training tool for electrical construction industry. Individual NEIS are available in hard copy and as PDF downloads from NECA’s website.  

NEISYearbook17The Yearbook CD, Vol 12 (Index # 2000-16) delivers the complete set of NEIS, including updated and new standards series through last quarter 2016. Several NEIS in the Yearbook have been revised and expanded to align with the current edition of the National Electrical Code and other applicable standards. 

There are now 44 NEIS, with more essential standards in development, including standards related maintaining energy storage systems and installing light control devices and systems. The Yearbook, Vol. 12 includes the complete family of NEIS and the new American National Standards, NECA 701-2013, Standard for Energy Management, Demand Response and Energy Solutions.

“NECA’s library of NEIS has grown as new technologies emerge. NEIS are continually evolving and keeping pace with contractors’ work and customers’ expectations,” said Michael Johnston, NECA’s Executive Director of Standards and Safety. “The standards are constantly providing significant value to those in the electrical designing and engineering communities. NEIS help professionals in developing design specifications by reducing and in some cases, eliminating specification-writing time.”   

The NEIS Yearbook CD, Vol. 12 is $150 for NECA members, $300 for other purchasers. The price is a significant saving to purchasing a complete set of National Electrical Installation Standards as stand-alone items.


Quantity discounts are available. Contact the NECA Order Desk at (301) 215-4504 tel, (301) 215-4500 fax, email orderdesk@necanet.org, or go to www.necastore.com.