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The Most Critical Aspect of Future Work

Feb 22, 2017

In the future, the critical factor of production world-wide is not capital, but talent. Innovators, shareholders and investors gathered at the World Economic Forum agree on this premise regarding the Fourth Industrial Revolution now in progress and ever evolving. Think about that shift and the emphasis it places back on the human worker in this day of billions of connected mobile devices, unprecedented processing power, unlimited access to knowledge, and storage capacity that is infinite beyond our understanding. There is no historical precedent for the current speed of breakthroughs we are witnessing disrupt every industry in every country.

Watch this video from the WEF on Navigating the 4th Industrial Revolution:

If we can put people first and empower them, the future will work best for all of us. There are two choices as we navigate this 4th Industrial Revolution. There is the potential to deprive us of our heart and soul by “robotizing” humanity. Or, through creativity, empathy, and stewardship, humanity and meaningful work (and all its’ rewards) can be raised to unprecedented levels for all participants.

For additional reading on the meaning and how to respond to the 4th Industrial Revolution check out:


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