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NECA Revises Standard for Installing and Maintaining Medium-Voltage Switchgear

Feb 15, 2017

NECA 430-2016 Standard for Installing and Maintaining Medium-Voltage Switchgear is now available from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). This standard describes site preparation and installation of new medium-voltage switchgear and maintenance procedures for existing medium-voltage switchgear nominally rated up to a maximum operating voltage of 38 kV AC.

This standard has been meticulously revised to align with the latest editions of associated product standards and the National Electrical Code (NEC®). Another valuable feature of NECA 430 is that it compliments NECA 600 Standard for Installing and Maintaining Medium Voltage (MV) Cable. MV cable is typically installed in and terminated in medium voltage switchgear. Applying both of these NEIS workmanship standards (NECA 430 and NECA 600) to medium voltage system installation ensures that not only minimum safety and equipment standards are met, but quality and performance aspects of the installation are evident. This is increasingly important criteria expected by architects, engineers, and especially owners. The NEIS are all about ensuring that workmanship issues are effectively managed. The customer gets what they expect from a quality, performance, and workmanship standpoint. 

“NECA’s National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS®) library has grown over the years, and as new technologies emerge, the NEIS® evolve and keep pace,” stated Michael Johnston, NECA’s Executive Director of Standards and Safety. Johnston also emphasized that “the standards are constantly providing significant value to those in the electrical designing and engineering communities. The NEIS help professionals in developing design specifications in that they reduce and often eliminate specification writing time.”

NECA430-16Cover_WEBORDERING INFORMATION: (Index#: NECA 430-2016) NECA 430-2016, Standard for Installing and Maintaining Medium-Voltage Switchgear is available in the NECA Store as a PDF or printed booklet for $22 for NECA members and $44 for non-members. Contact the NECA Order Desk at (301) 215-4504 or orderdesk@necanet.org for more information.

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NEIS are the only ANSI-approved performance and workmanship industry standards for electrical construction. NEIS are used by construction owners, specifiers and contractors to clearly illustrate the performance and workmanship standards essential for different types of electrical construction. NEIS are also referenced throughout the National Electrical Code. Learn more about the NEIS at neca-neis.org