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Clean – No – REALLY CLEAN Energy

Feb 09, 2017

By: NECA Director of Research, Joey Shorter, Ph.D. 

What would you say to harnessing power like that of the sun in such a way that it could replace all fuel needs, free, without depleting natural resources or producing harmful by-products of any kind? It sounds sort of like the “workless society” or some other ridiculous promise for a truly life-altering, global or galactic fix. Think of it as “the Holy Grail of energy”.

Watch this video (set aside about 10.5 minutes, it’s worth it!):

Germany is opening the star gate to this potentially unlimited source of clean power through nuclear fusion. The challenge was to build a device that could heat atoms to temperatures of more than 180 million degrees F – as hot as the center of the sun! With a cost of over $400 million for the superconductor called The Wendelstein 7-x, also known as the largest stellarator fusion device in the world, this “stellarator” project’s total cost is approaching $1.5 billion. The device is finished as you saw in the video. The next step in the process has probably been completed since release of this announcement last month. Once the plasma is being produced from the hydrogen, then the final stage of spinning/heating hydrogen atoms as described will produce “the Holy Grail of energy”.

For additional reading about the German “stellarator"


NECA Technology – the Project for Applied and Disruptive Technology, explores the world of technology and keeps members informed of what’s happening today, and of what will be launched in the not too distant future.  Dr. Joey Shorter, NECA Director of Research, has an extensive background in education and experience in translating the work of academics into understandable, practical ideas.