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City of Las Vegas Completes Shift to Renewable Energy After Decade of Work

Jan 30, 2017

After beginning a shift to renewable energy less than 10 years ago, Las Vegas has made quite a mark. The city is now the largest U.S. city to rely on the source, according to various media reports.

Las Vegas recently expanded its partnership with NVEnergy to deliver the power to run its facilities, according to an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal. That means everything from City Hall to parks and community centers to streetlights use clean energy sources.

Here’s more from a story in the Huffington Post:

“The achievement marks the completion of the city’s nearly decade-long goal to fully transition to clean energy only ― a project that was expedited after the city partnered with public utility company NV Energy almost a year ago. While all government facilities are now only powered by renewable energy, many residential and commercial buildings are not.

Officials were able to make the announcement after Boulder Solar 1, a massive solar array in the southeast corner of Nevada, went on line last week.”

According to the Review Journal article, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said the city has become a “world leader in sustainability.”

Through a combination of direct generation and credits, the city is powering more than 140 facilities, along with streetlights, with renewable sources, the article added, and a portion of what’s powered at the Boulder Solar I site is dedicated to the city. The city’s energy savings because of its shift to renewable sources is estimated at roughly $5 million annually, the article said.