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NECA Announces Improvements to Safety Meeting App

Jan 27, 2017

The National Electrical Contractors Association has announced new updates to the Safety Meeting App that improve its performance and increase its functionality for smart devices and tablets.

The NECA Safety Meeting App has gained popularity while it assists NECA members in complying with requirements for documenting mandatory safety meetings and other incidents that occur on job sites.  In addition to documenting safety meetings and incidents and providing links to NECA resources, the NECA Safety Meeting App has added desired functionality through several useful checklists and job briefing forms that find effective use, and most importantly, accurately document these required functions electronically.

The following list provides NECA members with a good sampling of the additional functions and resources in the job Briefing/checklist space of the app:

  1. Job Briefing – Electrical, Transmission and Distribution
  2. NFPA 70E Job Briefing
  3. Safety Checklist
  4. Equipment Checklist
  5. Truck/Site Safety Checklist
  6. Fall Protection Inspection Checklist
  7. Vehicle Inspection Checklist

NECA and the Safety Meeting App have continued to grow, responding to member suggestions and industry needs by providing app revisions that serve NECA members and their employees. The app expanded to include the option of having separate multiple users within the same organization that has separate departments or divisions.

“App developers, in collaboration with NECA, continue to find ways to bring value to NECA members through very popular safety tool,” said Wesley Wheeler, NECA Director of Safety. “The improvements are a direct result of input from NECA members who are using the app.”

Wheeler said the NECA Safety Meeting App’s additional functions allow contractors to document the ability to verify activities that are taking place on the job in real time, another reason to include the app as an essential and effective addition to their assortment of safety tools and resources.

“The NECA Safety Meeting App is seeing widespread consistent use by both inside electrical contractors and outside line constructors,” said Mike Johnston, Executive Director of Standards and Safety. “It simply does the job. This popular NECA Safety product will make a notable difference in how any organization manages and documents safety meetings, job briefings and other common safety checklists. NECA is listening and responding to its members.”

For more information about the NECA Safety Meeting App, visit www.necasafetyapp.com or contact Wheeler at (301) 215-4546.