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NECA Develops Latest Guide in Systems Approach to Electrical Safety for NFPA 70E

Nov 21, 2016

PoliciesBestPractices-CoverThe National Electrical Contractors Association released “The NFPA 70E Guide to Policies and Best Practices” (index #5127-16) the sixth in the NECA Systems Approach to Electrical Safety for NFPA 70E series of guides based on the 2015 edition of NFPA 70E.

NECA Director of Safety Wesley L. Wheeler said the latest guide is meant to provide the contractor with model policies and best practices they can use to enhance their safety program. By providing some samples and a template for their use in creating policies and best practices, a company can now develop written programs that are easy to understand and communicate them with their employees and customers. 

Included, is an overall policy on compliance with NFPA 70E, a policy on “Qualified Person,” and a policy on training and retraining based on electrical safety. A few of the best practices include voltage testing, job briefings and temporary power on construction sites. 

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About the NECA Systems Approach to Electrical Safety for NFPA 70E Series

This series of six guides was designed to help employers, employees and customers understand the requirement found in the standard and easily apply those provisions for compliance. The guides come in individual spiral bound handbooks sized for easy use in the field by all personnel and are sold individually or as a set. 

NECA Safety System Guides based on NFPA 70E Guide Set – Index # 5128GS-16

  • NECA Guide to NFPA 70E Employer (Contractor) Responsibilities (Index #5126)
  • NECA Guide to Decision Making: Energized vs. De-Energized Work (Index #5340)
  • NECA NFPA 70E Personal Protector Equipment (PPE) Selector Guide (Index #5024-15)
  • NECA NFPA 70E Lockout/Tag-out Guide (Index #5400)
  • NECA Supervisors Guide to Jobsite Safety (Index #5125)
  • NECA Guide to Policies and Best Practices *NEW* (Index #5127-16) 

Individually these guides cost $25 members/$50 non-members and together you can purchase all six guides for $120 Member/$240 Non-member. Visit NECAStore.com to

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