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ET&D Safety App Brings Best Practices to Line Workers in the Field

Sep 02, 2016

A new mobile app launched by the Electrical Transmission & Distribution (ET&D) Partnership will put best practices and safety guidelines used throughout the line construction industry into the hands of line workers in the field.

The National Electrical Contractors Association worked closely with the partnership members to develop this useful app and redesign the website (powerlinesafety.org) based on the specific needs of the partnership.

The free ET&D Partnership app, available for iOS and Android devices, provides searchable information on the partnership’s best practices, allowing line construction workers as well as company supervisors and managers to quickly and easily access the detailed information from any location. The app is also dynamic, expandable for the future, and features industry news, safety tips and talk outlines, and training information. 

“Achieving safety in the workplace requires commitment, communication, and education. This helpful app is a significant step in enhancing partnership safety communication while assisting the entire electrical transmission and distribution industry in achieving their mission to reduce injuries, illnesses and fatalities,” said NECA Executive Director of Standards and Safety Michael J. Johnston. “NECA is happy to be an organizational member of this partnership, and is well aware of all it has accomplished so far. There is still much work to be done. I’m extremely proud of the effort that the partners put into developing this valuable tool and we know the benefits in safety it will yield moving forward.” 

NECA together with utility organizations, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and other industry stakeholders united to form the Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership with a common goal of improving worker safety in the high-voltage electric line construction industry. This working group is making a difference.

It is currently the only national partnership between employers and OSHA, and represents an estimated 80 percent of all workers in the line construction industry.

For more information on the app and the partnership, go to www.powerlinesafety.org.