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Nik Wallenda's Death-Defying Walk Made Possible by NECA-IBEW Team

Nov 14, 2014

Wallenda's Chicago Tightrope Strung by NECA Member O'Connell Electric

Recently, high above the Chicago river, between the skyscrapers that dot the most picturesque skyline in America, Nik Wallenda made history for the third time in as many years. His feat? Tighrope walking as his family has done for generations, while thousands of on-lookers and millions on television watched with baited breath.

But Nik was as solid as the wire beneath his feet - thanks to the skills and expertise of NECA Contractor O'Connell Electric and IBEW Local 1249.

When asked about the trust he places on NECA-IBEW team, Nik said "...these guys are amazing... from O'Connell and from IBEW.  I've got a great relationship with them, I trust [O'Connell] with my life."

A team of Union workers from O'Connell Electric and IBEW 1249 installed the cable for Nik Wallenda's high wire walk in Chicago which took place on 11/2/14. Installing the cable from the Leo Burnett building to the Marina City Towers and again between both Marina City Towers (east and west) was no small feat. 

Watch now to see how different this walk was from previous events (Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon) and how this wire was rigged on this edition of ETV.

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