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O’Leary Recognized for Distinguished Service

Aug 22, 2013

The Association Executive Distinguished Service Award will be bestowed on Loyal D. O’Leary  during NECA’s national convention in Washington, D.C. this fall. Established in l989 by NECA’s Board of Governors, this award is presented to the staff executive or chapter manager who has made the greatest contribution to the advancement of the association, either in a specific year or over a period of time.

Loyal O’Leary has been advancing the Wisconsin Chapter, NECA since 1996 when he was hired as assistant chapter manager. He has been chapter manager since 2005 and is responsible for negotiating 17 collective bargaining agreements among electrical contractors and eight different IBEW local unions throughout the state. During his tenure, 43 of the labor agreements that have been open for negotiations have been settled at home, and only 13 had to be arbitrated by the Council on Industrial Relations. In addition, he has expanded the Portability Agreement to all nine locals in the state, including the Milwaukee area.

O’Leary also has successfully standardized the language in all the agreements, expanding a successful drug testing program from one local to all eight, and implementing a different Construction Wireman/Construction Electrician addendum for each of them. The Construction Wireman/Construction Electrician initiative provides flexibility in creating the proper crew mix on projects and is a means of increasing our labor pool. Implementing it throughout Wisconsin enabled signatory contractors to keep bidding jobs and employing journeymen during tough economic times.

O’Leary shared the secrets of CW/CE success with his fellow NECA contractors all across the nation at the association’s 2012 convention. But that was only natural because Loyal O’Leary is a strong advocate for information exchange and routinely reaches out to assist his fellow NECA chapter executives. He also champions education and host several Management Education Institute (MEI) courses for his chapter’s members every year. In addition, O’Leary facilitates a highly successful relationship between his chapter and the NECA Student Chapter at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Wisconsin NECA has a strong commitment to ensuring the safety of all those employed by quality NECA contractors and has established itself as a leader in safety under O’Leary’s watch. The chapter makes safety tips, tool talks, and safety meeting ideas widely available to members; maintains an extensive video lending library; and the chapter manager himself assists members in developing effective safety programs.

Under O’Leary’s leadership, the Wisconsin Chapter, NECA was recently recognized for outstanding involvement as a member of NECA’s Political Leadership Council. PLC members are NECA contractors and chapters whose significant commitment to the Electrical Construction Political Action Committee (ECPAC) gives NECA the power to continue expanding our position on Capitol Hill.